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Maria Kniazeva

Oil Painting

Serie  "Seasons"

List of artworks

Serie "Colorful Dreams"

Over time the emotional moments of our lives are erased in memory to halftones, to memories that are similar to colorful dreams. My paintings are colorful dreams that you can watch with open eyes. 

List of artwork

Oriental Serie

This serie of paintings was created after my visiting Istanbul, Cairo, Beirut  and other  cities of the Middle East region. Oriental still life is like a magic fairy-tale. This is my remembrance about colorful old streets and antique shops.

List of artworks 



This serie of still lifes and landscapes was created under my impressions of Mediterranean Sea, southern life and nature.

List of artworks 

Serie "Dreams of Hellas"

This serie is the result of my numerous travels in Greece, the Greek islands and Asia Minor. 

List of artworks 


Landscapes, still lifes

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